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Alchemist Aroma Mandarin Inspired Signature Scent【3】Reed Diffuser - VANILLA AMBER + SANDALWOOD

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Introducing Scent Number 3 - Mandarin Oriental Hotel Inspired Reed Diffuser
Mandarin Oriental – An Iconic Asian Luxury Hotel Brand competing on excellent service, high quality, unique Asian authenticity. This quest for perfection and quality inspired our Singaporean parfumeur to formulate the Mandarin Oriental scent using Vanilla Amber and Sandalwood that are native to Asia. The sweet, alluring, creaminess of Vanilla Amber stimulates the imagination and is known to entice a loved one.

Indulge yourself in our Alchemist Aroma signature scent of Vanilla Amber, Citrus and Sandalwood, topping off with a tip node of Cedarwood.

Alchemist Aroma 4 Tiers Fragrance Notes
10 hotel inspired signature scents to choose from
100ml Reed Diffuser
Lasts for 4 Months*
Tip Notes
Head Notes
Heart Notes
Base Notes

Typically, fragrance are created with 2 or 3 tiers of notes of different volatility. Alchemist created the 4th tier by infusing with essential oil that enhances and increases the complexity of all other 3 tiers

Backed by scientific research of the fragrance pyramid, Alchemist Signature Scent presents to you our collection of hotel-inspired scents designed to make your home feels as luxurious as your favorite 5-star hotels and a dream staycation for you and your family.

*Duration study is done on Reed Diffuser based on Non-AC, natural ventilated condition.