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LubeAlchemist™ Durex Original Dual-Head Vibrator

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  • Two vibrating eggs, double stimulation, can also stimulate the body sensitive parts
  • Strong vibration: they hundreds of times per second vibration, to help you find more pleasure. It has three kinds of vibration mode, nine kinds of vibration speed. You can find more combinations of play
  • High-quality materials are safe and harmless. The surface of the vibrating egg PU gives you a good touch.
  • About the size: it is exquisite small, easy to carry. The length of the rope is 50cm. Two Vibrating Egg sizes are the same, both are 5.4cm X 3.7cm. The size of the controller is: 9.0cm x 7.0cm
  • Vibrating Egg is waterproof, can be used continuously underwater for about 30 minutes (water depth of not more than 1 meter). Remote control is not waterproof, please do not put it underwater
  • Use 2AAA battery (not included)
  • Mute, it works when the sound is less than 50 decibels, bringing you happy moments of privacyInstructions and precautions:
  • Pay attention to the correct placement of the battery
  • The first key is the power switch: short press the boot, long press shut down.
  • Note that short press this key, the indicator light flashes to enter the standby state, this time you can press the following two keys to start vibration. In standby mode, if there is no operation within 3 minutes, it will automatically shut down.
  • The second and third keys to control the two vibrating eggs: short press the switching frequency, long press to turn off its vibration
  • Selected by LubeAlchemist
  • Imported by YDC Corporation Pte. Ltd.
  • Storage: Please keep it in a ventilated area, away from direct sunlight
  • Avoid having eye contact. Does not prevent pregnancy norsexuallytransmitted diseases.
  • Should there be discomfort or pain during usage, stop using immediately and consult doctor advices