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LubeAlchemist™ Japanese AV Star Big Ass Mold Interactive Moan

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  • Bottom mould, Copying buttocks, Voice interaction, True skin sensation, Optional Giant vibrating motor, Actress interaction
  • Copy the vaginal buttocks completely, Copy ratio: 1:0.8, When you insert is sucked, Tighter than vaginal contractions;
  • Optional Giant motor vibration: the left motor 130 note, Right 360,Sway strongly, Such as electric buttocks pinch like pleasure;
  • Optional 10 kinds of pulse frequency, Sucking type before and after creep, The wave absorbing clamp on both sides;
  • AV Actress interaction, Interactive scenario, When you insert it moan.
  • Optional Remote control operation, Whole body waterproof with double eggs, Mute design, USB interface,75cm line;
  • Please note that all variation comes with voice interaction but vibration egg are optional with additional cost of $10
  • Selected by LubeAlchemist
  • Imported by YDC Corporation Pte. Ltd.
  • Storage: Please keep it in a ventilated area, away from direct sunlight
  • Avoid having eye contact. Does not prevent pregnancy norsexuallytransmitted diseases.
  • Should there be discomfort or pain during usage, stop using immediately and consult doctor advices